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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Show #2 - 6/27/2006

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Review of Cyber-Wars
Steep Learning Curve
Lots of similar sounding options
Options that are important are hidden amongst options that are superfluous
Rechargable Statistics:
Energy, Capacity, Intent
Combat Stats:
RAM, CPU Speed, BUS Speed, Harddrive
A number of options and a lot of room to advance
Premium Package is $5 to buy more energy or increase the regeneration of energy
Regeneration gets full every 7 hours or so, which is a time commitment for some casual players
Final Grade: C, I found too much of the game to be complicated and not enough advancement

Review of Days of Wonder
Games Available: Ticket to Ride (USA and Europe), Queens Necklace, Gang of Four and Fist of the Dragonstones
Java-based, but I found it to be very stable and easy to use
Ticket to Ride has a lot of players all the time, the others may be more difficult to play at any given time.
Exactly duplicates the boardgame/cardgame (Except with automated scoring and a highlight of destinations in TTR)
Karma system
No tournaments or serious ladder system. There is ranking but it is simply a number (there is no top players list I could find)
AI bots have different flavors: LongBot, DirectBot, DumbBot


  • Hi,
    Thanks for the review of cyber wars, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to review my website, and think you offered a fair and honest review.

    I have taken several of your suggestions into consideration and would also like to speak to you about some of your other suggestions if you'd have the time to do so.

    Some of the points in your review, however, I disagree with.

    For example the multiplayer aspect, and the entire gangs system which you failed to mention.

    Cyber Wars has a very deep multiplayer aspect which is vastly based around the Gangs system.

    There are constant and ongoing gang wars between each of the gangs, where one gang must defeat the enemy gang a certain number of times before your gang is defeated.

    Then there are other gang wars, in which they fight for Districts (which you also did not mention), parts of the city.

    Anyways, Thanks for the review.
    Feel free to get in contact with me via email.
    Admin @ cyber


    By Blogger CyberWars, at 9:40 AM  

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