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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Show #5 Double Feature

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Audacity blew up on me so I am posting this in a hurry, I'll have complete show notes later.

Review of Astro Wars:
Review of Urban Rivals:
Review of Yahoo! Games:
Review of MSN Games:

Next week:, Poker RPG, Tribal Wars, and part 1 of BSW


  • Hello!

    Thanks you for your podcast review (the first one, ever :))
    Just to let you know, you can buy cards from the market without paying any real money (selling has been lock because of many multi accounts abuse, it's the only paid feature).
    You can also chat outside of the battle itself, we didn't want to add chat IN the battle, because it would slow down the game pace.
    The review ends kind of on a down note, but all in all it was very nice and quite fair!

    Fraggle - Urban Rivals Staff

    By Blogger Fraggle, at 1:26 AM  

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