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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show #9 - and BSW pt 3

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HexWar – WW2xx updated
VASSAL – Multiple module updates
MaBiWeb – Shadow of the Emperor in beta testing – Multiple game updates
BrainKing – New reward system

Online Vinci Review
Grade: B
Vinci - Ludagora is better

BSW Review, pt 3
Funkenschlag (Power Grid)


  • Hi. Just listened to the show... (you sure do make it hard to find this website!!)

    Re: Vinci - I actually prefer the German site. Yes, it isn't as pretty as the French one. However, the interface is much nicer: you can just hit the BACK button to take back a move, so you can try all sorts of maneuvers to see what you actually want to do before actually submitting the turn. Getting a list of your games is easy: go to
    Also, the site automatically calculates the combat cost, so you don't have to do it (and you won't forget to account for your bonuses!).

    To get a description of the tiles, just click the link "Description of the civilisation tiles" at the bottom of the page! You become familiar with it very quickly.

    As for BSW Power Grid: it's a GREAT implementation! You're right that you cannot UNDO, which would be nice. However, if you turn the calculator on first, you can plan exactly what you want to do. Then, when you're ready, close the calculator and CAREFULLY click where you want to expand. It's a great game, and playing online is a lot easier. I do wish that you could zoom in and out to fit onto the screen more easily.

    By Blogger snoozefest, at 11:05 AM  

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